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Systems Integration Technician

Builds systems in-house and on-site by applying knowledge and understanding of signal flow, cable types, terminations, networks, and equipment rack fabrication. 


Washington DC, Metro Area


Full Time

What You’ll Do

  • Fabrication, rack preparation, and systems integration under supervisors’ direction.

  • Build to system drawings, signal flow and statement of work. 

  • Apply Human Circuit's  best practices for mounting and supporting A/V, IT & Broadcast equipment. 

  • Perform cable pulls between destinations through ceilings, floors, walls, and conduits.

  • Terminate cable and test connections.

Kyle Barss,  System Design Engineer, builds a system at the HC LAB.

Kyle Barss,  System Design Engineer, and Evan Ruston, System Integrator, build a system at Human Circuit's Integration Lab.

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