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Human Circuit develops customized applications and workflows that meet our client's unique operational and business needs.

Media Cache 2.0

Automated, multichannel, network attached, recording system

Media Cache , video encoders and storage systems in an equipment rack


Broadcast Playout Scheduling Software

Broadcast video clips scheduled for playout

OTT Launchpad 

Over The Top Broadcast Playout from AWS

AWS cloud operations

Line Speed

Broadcast video and control over bonded cellular VPN

LTE cellular  transmitter on a tripod

Zoom for Broadcast

Video conferencing for in-studio news and talk show production

person setting in front of green screen in studio interviewing someone over zoom

FaceTime for Broadcast

FaceTime as a source for live studio productions

Face Time being used in broadcast studio as source


Tally Gateway

MB750 project resize.jpg

WASP (web active source platform)

Real-time, multiviewer for EOC operations 

multiple webpages shown in boxes on one screen


Integrated Visual Collaboration Platform

graphic of software modules used for visual collaboration


MOS Gateway 

logo for Human Circuit's MOS gateway
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