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UHD Studio and Control Room

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Steve and Alex resize 3.jpg

Alex Huff, Human Circuit Project Supervisor, and Steve Losquadro, Human Circuit Director of Project Management, assemble one of the thee UHD studio cameras in ShareLiveVideo's production facility.

Brain Bell, training on Ross Carbonite

Brian Bell, founder and principal of ShareLiveVideo, receives operational training on the Ross Carbonite TD1 control panel. 

UHD System Overview

  • UHD/4K video production switcher  

  • Three PTZ UHD/4K cameras on tripod/dollies 

  • PTZ controller hardware and GUI

  • UHD/4K video recording playback

  • UHD/4K graphics system 

  • Three 15” teleprompters 

  • Teleprompting software system with both hardware and voice prompting control 

  • Ceiling mounted studio light grid and lighting control board 

  • Studio L-shaped cyclorama - chromakey green for virtual backgrounds 

  • Black studio curtains on a track 

  • Roller background system 

  • Studio wall-mounted broadcast service panel (BSP) 

  • Four channel wireless microphone system 

  • IFB system

  • Intercom system 

  • 16x16 UHD video router with patch 

control room.jpg
Human Circuit crew in studio

Evan Rushton, Steve Losquadro, and Kyle Barss configure the ShareLiveVideo studio.

Evan Rushton, two thumbs up

Evan Rushton, Human Circuit Systems Integrator, gives two thumbs up to the ShareLiveVideo equipment rack.

HC team configures production equipment

Alex Huff, Human Circuit Project Supervisor, and Kyle Barss, Human Circuit Systems Design Engineer, configure and test production equipment in the ShareLiveVideo studio control room.

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